Monthly Archives: October 2015

Proofreading is a great retirement gig for the bookish senior. I have been buying books for nearly sixty years, now people are paying me to read their books. Get the whole story at Senior Proof Reader.

I got started proofreading serendipitously. I saw the great prices on the indie science fiction available for the Amazon KindleOpens in a new window and started working my way through the genre. At the time, Amazon offered one-month free loans on first books in a series to readers with Kindles, I was hooked.

I specialize in science fiction, historical fiction, alternate history, fantasy, history, biographies, adventure, thrillers and popular science. I'll give horror, romance, erotica and YA a go, no polemics though, too dark. I will take your book in Word or Google doc format when complete or in separate chapters as it is written.  I will check spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, awkward or inappropriate wording, redundancies all over again (couldn't help myself), confusing terms, readability, consistency and tense issues. On request, I will translate British English to American English. I will return your book marked up with Microsoft Word tracking or Google Docs suggesting.

Let me polish your book by proofreading. Contact me.