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The results of Investigations in a Subject

Wish me Luck with my Vanity website, only $2.99 a year!, I do the Research so You Don't Have To.

I am always making investigations into ideas for the websites, Money Making Ideas, ideas for around the house and life general. I might research planting something different in the Fran's Victory Garden or new software for the websites.  This new website will list the investigations for each subject. ...continue reading

My Money Making Boating Website was a Boating directory. It was fun and made money so my efforts are biased in that direction. This time I do not want to write code so I am looking at off the shelf software. Of course, first have to think about the desired product, a Link Directory, or an Article Directory, or both. According to current SEO wisdom, link directories are bad because they have been abused, article directories are cool tho. I think a Boutique, well edited link directory is a plus to a website because the site is then getting traffic from similar interest sites. Also part of the motivation here is to investigate my interests and record and organize the results. Article directories are very SEO chic now and even tho I have not worked with them they need to be investigated and available. ...continue reading

Well not really a new website. Fran's Victory Garden has been a website for several years, granted it was a seed/prototype.  I was using it as a tool to learn Joomla and the directory add-in, SobiPro.  In the end the Joomla and SobiPro tools were more powerful than I needed and I chose to go with the more intuitive WordPress software.  Also, the software is just the tool kit, so lets get to the part where I Make Money Online.

First let me tell you about the website conversion. I'll start over with Fran's Victory Garden working thru the lessons in Mike Omar's "How to Make Money Online" book and his Make Money from Home Lions Club website.  Part 1, puts together the framework of the website.  Lesson 1 is Make a Website using WordPress.  Lesson 2 sets up the theme and populates the website with the boilerplate pages and the sidebar widgets.  Lesson 3, add the Social Media buttons, Contact form, Google Maps, and PayPal buttons, an important lesson for the newbie, this takes the website from a shell, to a functioning website.  Lesson 4, website backups, security, and server monitoring.
...continue reading