First Report from Galt’s Gulch

On the evening of January 27th we got home from our celebration cruise, our 15th Anniversary, Fran's Birthday, and me Shrugging. I got right to work on the websites on the 28th.

There is the new website, that was inspired by a hot sauce in Barbados. The current plan for this website is blog posts, invited articles and a directory of everything I can find about hot sauces. Down the road maybe some sort of hooking up hot sauce enthusiasts with new hot sauce offerings.  Right now tho, I am installing the Directory Press theme on top of WordPress. I've written two short posts for this website, kind of curious how they will survive the theme install.

The website has been replaced by  I still have an interest in Life Extension, of course, but after looking at the domain name DoneAging enough times I realized it could also mean dead.  Oops! I bought domain names for both the American & British spellings.

Installing the Directory Press Themes on these two websites leaves a lot of work to do to bring them and up to where I can begin populating them with content and promoting.

The portfolio now contains five websites:

  1., this site, simply a blog for now.
  2., the flagship of the portfolio.  Simply a blog now, but I plan to put a directory behind it.  Also can be found at
  3. is the most advanced of the three directory websites. Needs more polishing before content and promoting.
  4., a directory website that is now just a mere shell. Also can be found at and
  5., a directory website that I wrote a couple posts for but still appears to be a mere shell.

Bringing these websites up to their earning potential will take hundreds of hours yet.  I like to think of it as a slow computer game.