Lessons in SEO, & in Monetizing with Amazon & Google

This weekend, Lessons 3 SEO, & 4 Amazon & Google, at Mike Omar's Make Money from Home Lions Club website, is the goal. Looking forward to Monetizing the first articles of the "R.C.Goerlich & Company, Inc. Follow Bob Goerlich as he finds how to Make Money Online" blog. Applying the SEO insights will turn that first tiny trickle of traffic to a sea bringing riches and fame.

How to Make Money Online

Mike Omar's How to Make Money Online

HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: Learn how to make money from home with my step-by-step plan to build a $5000 per month passive income website portfolio (of 10 ... each) (THE MAKE MONEY FROM HOME LIONS CLUB)

Ok, getting started...

I'm back, completed lessons 3 & 4 at Mike Omar's Make Money from Home LIONS CLUB.  I must say it was a good experience.  Working in a multi-monitor environment it was like looking over someone's shoulder while they were working.  I would have the YouTube lesson on one screen and following along on another, pausing and replaying, a quality experience.  I have been in the computer business more than 35 years, so I know some things, and Mike knows what he is instructing.

After lesson 4 and the website, RCGoerlichandCoInc.biz is complete.  Polishing and promoting remain a big job yet, but, it is now live.  I'll blog lesson 5, Search Engine Traffic Generation when I get there.  This coming weekend I will convert Fran's Victory Garden from Joomla to WordPress using Mike's lessons 1 thru 4.

Mike's website teaches how to Make Money Online by building passive income websites.  Nine out of ten of my websites were chosen because of my passions and the "passive income websites" strategy seems rather passionless.  The success from going after the "low hanging fruit" would create it's own passion tho, see Scott Adams' Seceret of Success: Failure.

Moving forward from here, I'll finish turning Fran's Victory Garden to WordPress.  AuspiciousLinks and DoneAging are going to be directory websites and then I will make some passive income websites.

Continue to follow along...

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