My Money Making Boating Website

Let me bore you with tales of web creation in the late '90s, the Paleo-WorldWideWeb. Today you get yourself a spiffy site in an hour or so using WordPress. In the old days, it was two miles to school, up hill both ways...

I used MicroSoft products at work so it was easier for me to get started with the MS toolset. The MS environment consisted in IIS, Active Server Pages and MS SQL Server. My day job was as a computer programmer, Mainframe Assembler & Cobol were my tools in trade, so an additional motive was to learn this new technology. Every line of code on the website was written my me. Enough about the coding, how about Make Money Online?

First, before the Make Money Online, let tell you about the boating website, it was a directory of about 25 general boating categories subdivided into over 200 sub-categories. It had a geographical index of regions and locations. I seeded my directory by web searches for each category and keying up info from magazines. Remember, this was in the '90s.

The first attempt to monetize the boating site was to partner up with a boat broker buddy of mine to drive boat brokerage business his way. It always makes me sad that it didn't work, oh, well. The next try at monetizing was to sell banner ads. Success! The site had a bunch of plans and banner revenue was at least 50% for while I owned the boating site. The site used ClickBank and PayPal to clear the credit card payments.

Then Affiliate programs and services appeared, remember, this was the late '90s. Commission Junction worked good then and is still the first name in Affiliate Services, other services haven't lasted. Since all topics have their technical side, books can be sold and the Amazon Affiliate program fit right in. They now have related products. Google AdSense on top, and the site was making money.

So, how did it end? Because it was home grown in now archaic code, it was unwieldy to maintain, so when interest was shown in it, I sold it. I made enough to buy an new Red Car with the website. So, I learned, You Can Make Money Online. I also learned to use high level software packages like WordPress instead of "rolling your own" coding.

So, lets learn how to Make Money Online...