New WordPress WebSite

Well not really a new website. Fran's Victory Garden has been a website for several years, granted it was a seed/prototype.  I was using it as a tool to learn Joomla and the directory add-in, SobiPro.  In the end the Joomla and SobiPro tools were more powerful than I needed and I chose to go with the more intuitive WordPress software.  Also, the software is just the tool kit, so lets get to the part where I Make Money Online.

First let me tell you about the website conversion. I'll start over with Fran's Victory Garden working thru the lessons in Mike Omar's "How to Make Money Online" book and his Make Money from Home Lions Club website.  Part 1, puts together the framework of the website.  Lesson 1 is Make a Website using WordPress.  Lesson 2 sets up the theme and populates the website with the boilerplate pages and the sidebar widgets.  Lesson 3, add the Social Media buttons, Contact form, Google Maps, and PayPal buttons, an important lesson for the newbie, this takes the website from a shell, to a functioning website.  Lesson 4, website backups, security, and server monitoring.

The video of Lesson 1 in Part 1 up until 11:00 did not apply in my case because I had an existing website with a domain name.  I installed WordPress using the GoDaddy website application interface after deleting Joomla.  I am rejoining the video logging into the website's wp-admin, this is where we start building the website.  I am blogging the experience while following the lesson.  Starting from scratch, the entire lesson is a necessary watch, with the environment set up, the last remaining bit can be done from the Settings | General selection from the starting Dashboard on the wp-admin page of the website.

Lesson 2 is the most fun, this is where the website is taken from the generic template to your expression of what the website should be.  The lesson starts by trashing the default posts and pages and creating the first pages and posts of the website.  I am going to break from the lesson and add in all the posts from the Joomla... Done! All the images were still in the image folder, they were supposed to be, but after the uninstall things can happen.  It always amazes me when things work. ... Well it doesn't work everywhere, have to Add Media instead.

Back to lesson 2, selecting a theme, I wish I had an Art bone in my body, so for, I'll go with green, one column on the left, and a footer... .Two hours later, done.  Lesson 3, the finishing touches, fun to play with some of the settings.

Part 2, Keyword Research, would be first before you built your second website.  Part 1 was so much fun building a website, but since choosing a subject and a domain name are so very important, one could argue it should go first.  In the case of, this a passion, not a logical choice.  The Keyword Research will certainly influence the future of the website. The process is straight forward, and, it is a lot of fun to play with numbers in spreadsheets.

Part 3, Lessons in SEO, and Part 4, Monetizing with Amazon & Google I have blogged about when I did them to last weekend.  I'll get to it...