Picking a Directory

My Money Making Boating Website was a Boating directory. It was fun and made money so my efforts are biased in that direction. This time I do not want to write code so I am looking at off the shelf software. Of course, first have to think about the desired product, a Link Directory, or an Article Directory, or both. According to current SEO wisdom, link directories are bad because they have been abused, article directories are cool tho. I think a Boutique, well edited link directory is a plus to a website because the site is then getting traffic from similar interest sites. Also part of the motivation here is to investigate my interests and record and organize the results. Article directories are very SEO chic now and even tho I have not worked with them they need to be investigated and available.

After some serious looking I narrowed the selection down to three products,  the Premium Press Responsive Directory Theme, PHP Link Directory, and the wpmudev Directory.  I had used  PHP Link Directory before, when it was new, on a website that I allowed to expire, I was pursuing other things,  then it was free.  wpmudev Directory I discovered late in the choosing process, so, was less scrutinized.  All three are rich in features.

The Premium Press Responsive Directory Theme was for me the choice.  The deciding factors are the portfolio of features and the one purchase for any number of instances.  I envision multiple directories each in sub directories and the ease of uninstalling and reinstalling in the development phase with out having to find out what the license process is.

The Premium Press Responsive Directory Theme also has many child themes that are attractive that can replace the basic "out of the box" themes.  As I am writing, AuspiciousLinks and Doneageing are the basic themes.