Website Foundation

In the past when I created a website, typically I would go to GoDaddy, buy a domain name and the minimal hosting package. I would lose interest or not be able to focus and in a year, it would go away. A couple times I have bought a website to play with a technology. I have tried Dot Net Nuke, Joomla, phpLinkDirectory. All of those sites have dried up and blown away. This site was a windows dot net site where I played with Dot Net Nuke and MS Windows dot net. When I made the move to WordPress, I installed word press on this MS Windows site. It didn't work so good. GoDaddy support persuaded me to convert the type of account to linux, and converted me to a "Deluxe Linux" account.

Well, as it turns out, trading up to Deluxe had great advantages to me. I had three websites;, this website, and the prototype and three hosting plans.  With the Deluxe account there is unlimited hosting, a great saving starting with the second one.  I'll admit there was a bit of learning curve with the domains and hosting, but I remain convinced that creating multiple  websites has negligible dollar costs.  A domain I bought to work on in retirement, now has hosting at the Deluxe account and I will be moving AuspiciousLinks over and dropping its hosting plan.

Now I am investigating WordPress Directory software, more on that later...